photo credit: Joseph Victor Stefanchik (JVS)

I have always been drawn to the simple life. I think it’s the balance to my overly active mind. When I find myself downtown and am always consumed by how incredible that light is falling on some complete stranger, hence my love of light.

My wife Lisa, isn’t only supportive of me as a photographer, but she plays a key role in keeping me grounded and humble. Lisa is the half of me that I have always wish existed within me but am fortunate enough to have married into.

We have two incredibly unique, fun and amazing daughters, Anja and Louise. They have both taught me about humility and about the fragility life graces us with.

Music plays a large role in our family’s life. Our playlist will take us from Kidz Bop to The National to “What did the fox say”, and finally settling on James Blake.

As nice as is to give you a glimpse into my life, I would much rather photograph yours. Please, reach out. You won’t regret it.

images of tim fitch