bride and groom dramatic portrait bubble up bar avenue bar
Bride and Daughter arriving home
Father of bride looking out window
bride helping daughter putting her dress on
flower girl getting ready
grandparents and flower girl before wedding
flower girl waiting outside of brides room
flower girl waiting outside of brides room
flower girl waiting outside of brides room
flower girl waiting outside of brides room
bride putting on wedding dress
bride putting on wedding dress
bride putting on wedding dress
bride putting on wedding dress
grandma and granddaughter buttoning brides dress
grandma buttoning granddaughters dress daughter buttoning moms dress
bride putting her shoes on with cool dog shadow
bride arriving at church
bride helping parents out of car
bride and daughter ready to walk down aisle
groom watching bride walking down the aisle
daughter laughing at wedding ceremony
funny moment during ceremony
hugs after the ceremony
dramatic portrait of bride and groom at the edgewater
blue sky portrait of wedding couple at the edgewater madison wi
couple at the wisconsin capitol
dramatic portrait of bride at the wi capitol
black and white photo of bride downtown madison
portrait of the groom madison capitol
bride and groom at capitol madison wi
film noir of bride and groom madison wi
The Edgewater Madison WI wedding portrait
The Edgewater Madison WI wedding portrait
bride and groom laughing in elevator
bride and grooms first dance at the edgewater madison, wi
daughter of bride running around at madison wedding
bride and daughter at the edgewater hotel wedding
flower girl and friend madison wi
flower girl with wi capitol in background
moms hand on father of bride
funny cake cutting at the edgewater hotel madison wi
cake cutting at the edgewater wi
bride and fresh air madison wi
dramatic portrait of wedding couple and capitol
dramatic kiss dramatic sky
the edgewater dramatic bride portait
fun dramatic portrait of groom at the edgewater madison, wi
groom and friends posing for a picture in madison
The Edgewater wedding reception with flower girl and her friend
bride and groom at the edgewater
groom dancing

Intimate, visually dramatic, full of laughter, and a few tears. It was an incredible April wedding at The Edgewater Hotel in Madison, WI. When we sat down and talked about what the couple wanted for pictures and the experience they wanted to have on their wedding day it was clear they are humble, loving, and part of a community so large they simply could not invite them all. They opted for a well planned yet whimsical wedding with just a few friends and family.

When I arrived at their home the morning of the wedding, I was greeted by the bride’s mother with a beautiful smile. She told me to come in and make myself at home. At least that’s what I hoped she had told me as I don’t speak a lick of Spanish. It’s a regret I ‘ve carried for awhile now. I waited for the bride to show up for about 45 minutes as her parents and I talked, with a mutual understanding that we may not know exactly what each other were talking about but we got the gist. In a blur, the bride and her daughter rushed in and got dressed in what seemed like three minutes.  I’m not sure if we made it to the ceremony on time or a minute late, it didn’t matter. The couple kept the ceremony short, intimate and all about their commitment.

We took a few minutes for wedding portraits downtown near the Capitol in Madison, WI, headed to The Avenue Club and Bubble Up Bar for a few drinks, portraits, and laughs. We finally ended up at The Edgewater Hotel for dinner and dancing. As a testament to the bride and groom’s kind and generous hearts, speeches kept rolling and tears kept flowing.

The Edgewater Hotel is an incredibly cool place for a wedding ceremony or reception. There is enough visual diversity for a photographer to explore and find new things time and again. The staff is incredible to work with. They go the extra mile without you even knowing, which I think, is the greatest testament to customer service.